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The acronym ABCD Literacy was coined for a few reasons:

A-B-C-D  Lit-er-a-cy

If you break literacy into its true syllables (to sound it out for spelling) it is lit-er-a-cy, matching and rhyming with the rhythmic pattern of A-B-C-D. Breaking words into syllables, and saying each syllable with clear vowels for spelling is a key, effective technique of the LEM Phonics program.

A – Advise  

One of the key things Frances enjoys about becoming an instructor in the LEM Phonics program is it has given her an opportunity to share her knowledge with others and advise them on how to implement an effective reading and spelling program with their students. If you have any questions about LEM phonics or literacy in general, please contact her via email.

B – Build

Frances strongly believes in the need to build literacy on a firm foundation. A language-rich early childhood with activities to promote phonological awareness, gross motor activities to build the muscles that provide the postural stability to allow for the fine motor activity of writing, and an awareness of individual differences and readiness for the literacy process are all important in building this foundation.

C – Create

Frances’ teaching experiences, particularly tutoring, have been the inspiration for her to continually create lessons and materials to assist students to learn literacy concepts. When students have a ‘light bulb’ moment while using the materials she has created, it gives her an enormous feeling of satisfaction.

D – Develop

All of this has led Frances to develop this website and all the materials contained therein. It is hoped that through this website, many more students and educators will develop their skills and reach their full potential.

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